Writer, producer, director and editor of the Works:

ME - Movie (final list of selected San Sebastian Festival, ANCINE 2016).

Producer Made in Brazil - Feature Documentary.

The house of the stories of the TV series:

(Selection 2014 - International Television Festival)

(Selection 2014-1 ° Online Film Festival)

(Selection 2014-2 ° Show hot film)

(Display - Project meetings - Sao Paulo Cultural Spaces meter)

Separated parents. Short film.

(Selection 2011 - International Short Film Festival Sao Paulo)

Captivity. Short film.

(Selection 2012 - Festin Festival Portugal)

Hello. Short film.

(Selection 2012 - Festin Festival Portugal)

COMA. Short film.

(Selection Online Film Festival 2014)

Females. TV series.

(Selection 2014 - National Short Film Festival I think)

(Selection 2014-3 ° Show Caiçara TV Film)

(Selection 2014-1 ° Online Film Festival).

Life without body. Documentary film.

(Selection 2014-1 ° Online Film Festival)